Exploring Business opportunities
of 3d Printing
in today’s digital society

Highlights of the Event

  • 30+ Speakers
  • 200+ Attendees
  • 50+ Exhibitors
  • 100+ Face-to-Face Meetings
  • 300 Billion USD Projects

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Event Overview

The World 3D Printing Forum will bring together the most important and top Stakeholders from various industries such as - Construction Industry, Architecture Industry , Automotive Industry, Commercial Products Industry, Consumer Goods Industry, Consumer Electronics Industry on one platform to discuss the latest developments, challenges and business opportunities of 3D printing in today's industries. This exclusive closed-door platform is designed to conglomerate over 120 Industry experts comprising of international and leading and Service Providers for pre-meditated one-to-one business meetings with the Decision Makers, Specifiers of products and Influencers for obtaining new solutions, making it a one stop B2B solution platform for the Middle East 3D Printing Industry.

What is 3D Printing and How it can Boost Your Business in The Current Digital Era?

Technology visionaries and Futurists around the globe have quoted 3D Printing as one of the most technological revolution known to mankind, predicting that it will radically change the manufacturing and construction sectors because of this technology. In a more optimistic view manufacturers would be able to produce goods domestically, with almost no wastages in materials reducing the requirement for outsourcing projects. 3D printing would be able to be executed by using almost every material and in every form with unconventional applications such as bio-printing organic tissues and organs which could extend human life expectancy and improve the quality of living of the people. The global market for 3D printing is expected to reach US$120 billion by 2020 and about US$300 billion by 2025, driven by research and product development activities and the increasing need for more creativity in the design process. 3D printing technology will ease the production process in various sectors, offering the prospects for major leaps in the world of industry.

Reports indicate that 3D printing technology would be able to cut construction costs to almost 50% to 70%, and cutting down labour costs by 50% to 80%. In addition, this technology would help to reduce the waste produced in construction operations by up to 60%, which will reflect positively on the economic returns of the sector and contribute to sustainable development

The “World 3D Printing Forum“ is a Special Goal Oriented Platform designed to foster the perfect environment that will help you not only in help you in meeting the right decision makers from multiple industries at this summit but with a great opportunity to meet the stakeholders from the Industry who are looking to make business happen. This Forum will also give you the latest updates with regards to the latest developments in the Global 3D Printing Landscape.

TraiCon is organizing the Region’s biggest Knowledge Based Business Gathering focussing on the implementation of 3D Printing Technology in all the major industries for manufacturing products in more economical and efficient manner while mitigating the wastages of resources such as raw materials, time and money. The 2 days agenda has been developed to provide you with comprehensive information and latest developments in the regions 3D Printing Industry.

Why Dubai ?

As a part of ‘Dubai 3D Printing Strategy’ - a new comprehensive strategy which has developed by the Dubai Future Foundation aims to exploit the benefits of 3D Printing technology for the service of humanity and to promote the status of the United Arab Emirates and Dubai to become a leading global hub of 3D printing technology by 2030. The government has also framed practical plans and precise goals to turn this strategy into reality and that soon this reality will contribute to the progress and prosperity of the world and help preserve the human heritage.
The Dubai 3D Printing Strategy is going to be carried out by its key partners including Dubai Municipality, Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Holding and the three major sectors of major focus are Construction, Medical Products and Consumer Products. It has also been clearly stated that the key goal of this strategy is to ensure that 25 per cent of buildings in Dubai are based on 3D printing technology by 2030, and that they would raise this percentage with the development of global technology as well as growth in the market demand. As per the Research by the top research firms it is said that this technology is capable of transforming the construction sector by lowering costs, reducing implementation time for projects, reduce the manpower requirements and mitigate the waste that is generated during these construction processes.
The 3d Printing industry is going to have a major impact on the medical industry as well .It is projected that the value of 3D printed medical products in Dubai is reach Dhs1.7 billion by 2025. The major focus would be on developing 3D printed teeth, bones, artificial organs, hearing aids, medical and surgical devices .
The consumer products sectors would be focusing on development of household items, optics, fashion jewellery, children's games and fast food by using the applications of 3D Printing. The volume of consumer products projected to be printed by 3D technology in Dubai is expected to reach Dhs2.8 billion by 2025.


Billion dollar market by 2025


25% of Dubai’s buildings will be 3D printed


Billion expected medical products market in Dubai by 2025


Billion expected consumer products market in Dubai by 2025.

Facts and Figures

Get involved in the first World 3DPrinting Forum that is hosting more than 150+ top business leaders and features inspirational, thought-provoking keynotes, panel discussions, tech-talks, workshops and a host of networking opportunities.

30+ Speakers

150+ Attendees

50+ Exhibitors

100+ Face to Face Meetings

300 Billion USD Projects

Benefits Of Attending

Be a part of the Middle east’s largest series of event in 3dprinting.

Build on opportunities in Dubai, the region’s hub for 3DPrinting.

Strategically position your brand as a key player in the fast-developing 3dprinting industry and reinforce your brand to a highly targeted audience to meet senior-level decision makers.

Engage and network with government decision-makers, business leaders, investors, project owners and buyers across middle east.

Widen your business opportunities in other sectors like construction, jewelry, healthcare, aerospace, automobile, fashion & food industries through World 3DPrinting Forum.

Promote your business by presenting your latest technologies.

International Branding and Marketing

Extended Client Support

How It Works ?

The event aims to lay the foundation for the next big 3dprinting phenomenon. It is a platform to initiate change. Hence it is imperative for solution providers like you to be here and be the change-makers!

Tell us more about your objectives.

Receive the complete list of participants one week prior to the event.

Select your matches & plan your projects.

Plan your agenda.

Meet at the show.

Keep networking after the show.

Attendees Profile

  • Architecture
  • Aviation Innovators
  • Artists & Makers
  • Automotive Professionals
  • Biomedical Engineers
  • Business Owners
  • Plastics & Metal Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Chefs
  • Engineering Procurement & Construction
  • Fashion & Jewelry Designers
  • Government Officials
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Scientist
  • Research & Development
  • Industrial Designers
  • Investors & Entrepreneurs
  • Inter-Governmental Organization
  • Ministries
  • Manufacturers & Prototype Specialists
  • Non-Governmental Organization
  • Urban Planning & Design

50+ Attending Buyers

This Forum will bring together over 50 buyers who are looking to procure the latest 3D Printing solutions for their upcoming and ongoing projects. The attending buyers would be the decision makers and authorised signatories from a wide range of industries.

50+ Attending Suppliers

This forum would be bringing together the top suppliers of 3D Printing Products and Solutions from around the Globe. This would include the manufacturers and suppliers of various types of 3D Printers, 3D Scanning Equipment, 3D Printer software solutions and more….

120+ 3D Print Projects

This Forum will bring together the decision makers project holders and signatory authorities who are looking to procure the latest 3D Printing solutions for their upcoming and ongoing projects for their Construction, Manufacturing, Government and health care projects.

100+ Face-to-Face Meetings

This Cross-Industry event aims at bringing together the top heads and decision makers of projects who would be able to have face to face meetings with the top suppliers of 3d Printing solutions from around the globe to manage their ongoing and upcoming project requirements.

Focussed Industries

Speaker Panel

Interact with industry experts and key stakeholders of the modern business world who look to explore and share their insights on the applications of 3D Printing

Stefan Ritt

Head of Global Marketing

SLM Solutions Group AG

Iskander Akhatov

Professor and Director

Center for Design, Manufacturing & Materials
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

Dr. Yaser Ahmad Saeedi


Dubai Health Authority

Onno Ponfoort

Senior Managing Consultant


Benjamin Piper

Partner and Design Principal

Killa Architectural Design

Filip Geerts



Dr. Bashar El-Khasawneh

Graduate Program Chair

Mechanical Engineering Department - Khalifa University

Eng. Mahmoud AlBurai

Chief Executive Officer

Dubai Real Estate Institute

Yahya Jan

President and Design Director

NORR Group Consultants International Limited

Javad Zarbakhsh


Center of Computer Aided Research & Development

Rich McComas



Ismail Hasan


Arab Robotics Association

Rashid K. Abu Al-Rub

Asscociate Professor

Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Masdar Institute of Science and Technology - U.A.E

Dr.Srimathy Kesan

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Space Kidz India

Masood Al Awaar

Chairman & CEO

Medallion Associates

Dr. Abdulla Mohammed Qassim

Consultant and Head of Neurosurgery

Dubai Health Authority

Thomas Wallin

Doctoral Researcher

Cornell University Ithaca,
New York

Sean McConnell

Senior Additive Researcher

Irish Manufacturing Research

Dr. Reem Osman

Chief Executive Officer

Saudi German Hospital

Ajay Rathi

Senior Director Information Technology

Meeras Holding

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